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Global Connect Asia Co Ltd (Myanmar) is a specialised IT Services Provider, founded in 2012, that is headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar. We provide a range of IT products and services ranging from Events Management software solutions to Awards Management Software solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning, Event Equipment Rental Services, Digital Marketing Services, IT Security, IT Training and IT Outsourcing. Our project portfolio includes major events like the Singapore International Water Week 2008-2014, Singapore International Energy Week 2009-2010, World Cities Summit 2008-2010, National Day Rally 2010 - 2014, National Day Reception 2011 - 2014, CommunicAsia, Carbon Forum Asia, Asia Television Forum, and many more…

We have been working with many Government Agencies including (Prime Minister’s Office, President’s Office, Ministry of Education, Ministry of National Development, Energy Market Authority, PUB, NUH, …) and also the corporate clients such as (SingTel, Citibank, DBS, Sony, NEC, …). Being specialized in the MICE industry, we work closely with the leading exhibition organizers like Reed Exhibitions, Koelnmesse, Singapore Airshow. For those projects, we’ve created complex content management systems (CMS). The Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) and Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) were built on top of an open source CMS.


About GEVME (Event Management Software) & JUDGIFY (Awards Management Software)

For more than 4 years, the team at Global Connect Asia (Myanmar) have developed some of the biggest innovations in the event management industry. What got us here? The same thing that makes us different: Our point of view. Our background is in event management, so we think like event organizers. We design and develop according to what will make life easier for them and for attendees, and what will benefit the host organization. Events are complex, dynamic and ever-changing. And as the lead-up moves into the actual event, the time pressures, constraints and workload increase exponentially. We understand this, and have created powerful, easy-to-use, real-time solutions with redundancy and support 24/7. We don't outsource our support. We maintain offices around the globe and deliver support in person, by telephone and online. We are proud to specialize in event management. And we're pleased that our products are proven and trusted all over the world.


Besides, Global Connect Asia (Myanmar) is a global provider of cloud-based awards and recognition management/service solutions to a broad range of markets including business, tourism, health, energy, non-profit associations and government. Processing approximately 10,000 annual online submissions and judging, Global Connect Asia (Myanmar) is a key leader in all the markets that it serves. Global Connect Asia (Myanmar) provides a blend of global reach, industry knowledge, innovation and technical excellence in delivering solutions that changes and enhances the awards submission and judging process from start to finish.

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Website Design, Implementation, Hosting


Online Application Development


Online Registration


Online Award Management


Event Management


Consulting Service


IT Security


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