About Global Connect Asia (Myanmar)

Global Connect Asia Co Ltd (Myanmar) is a technological company which was founded in 2012 headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar. GCA (Myanmar) is a subsidiary company of Global SignIn Pte.,Ltd (Singapore) which was founded in 2006 headquartered in Singapore. Ever since has been supporting and specializing in development for online solutions. Our offerings include outsourcing and managed services.

Training Season at JV Hosting

Training Season at Global Connect Asia (Myanmar)

With GCA (Myanmar), you can start taking essential training sessions the same day you sign up!
The Office Is Our Playground

The Office Is Our Playground

GCA (Myanmar) provides human resources, leadership, and support and helps our staffs achieve their aspirations as they serve the local people.
What We've Been Up To

What We've Been Up To

it’s been a busy few months here at GCA (Myanmar). We are still here though, and we’ve got some system launches in the pipeline, so just to prove we have actually been doing some work in our office.

The Team behind Global Connect Asia (Myanmar)

We are a team of young, innovative and crazy individuals aiming to revolutionize the event industry!

Thu Yain Htut

Thu Yain Htut

Managing Director




Meet the cogs behind the well-oiled machine that is Global Connect Asia (Myanmar).

We’re forever obsessed with the possibilities of tomorrow, where technology and design verge ever closer and new experiences await those bold enough to pursue them.

Here, you can get to know the creative team at our company.

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