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GEVME is a cloud-based enterprise event management software and an event marketing platform. GEVME provides a suite of event management tools for organisers and marketers.

Web-based Event Management System


Make their day-to-day event management work easy, hassle-free and even enjoyable.
Online Event Management Software


Drive attendance and engagement to their events.
Cloud-based event management Software


Make their attendees’ experience exciting and engaging.
Cloud-based Event Management Software
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The AREA Framework

Organizing an event without a plan would be similar to shooting blindly into the dark and hoping to hit your target. That's why we've formalised the best practices for event marketing and organising into what we call the AREA framework. To reach your goals, you need to consistently follow a proven process.

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Keeping it Simple and Delightful

We also believe that user-friendliness, creative workflows and a delightful UX should not be the exclusivity of consumer apps only. That's why we put a great deal of focus on design, UX and simplicity in our software.

We take UX pretty seriously, and have even come up with a methodology about it. We call it the MUDD model

Read more about MUDD


Landing Page

Put your events on the map. Create responsive landing pages that are easily customizable, SEO-friendly and social media reazdy.

Email Marketing

Send the right message to the right people through an integrated email marketing tool that allows you to segment and schedule responsive emails.

Event Marketing

Run your event marketing campaigns effectively on one single platform with CTAs, promotional codes and embedded widgets.

Online Registration

Create a seamless online registration experience for your attendees. Use a highly customizable registration form that is both smart and responsive.

Event Ticketing

Drive ticket sales with customizable ticket settings and simple payment methods. Make it a breeze for your attendees’ to register - both online and onsite.

Merchandise Sales

Control your merchandise prices and stock using inventory control features. Analyze your sales reports and tweak your sales strategies as you go.

Attendees Management

Manage your attendee database using smart lists and generate the reports you need to bring your next event to the next level.

Event CRM

Understand your attendees’ by learning their user behaviors and reach out to them the moment opportunities present themselves.

Event Networking

Connect your attendees at your events. Get them talking by setting up a conducive networking platform that creates collaborative opportunities.


Find out what your attendees think of your events to work on creating better event experiences.

Onsite Check-In

Provide a hassle-free onsite check-in experience for your attendees through the use of QR codes and barcodes. Let them check themselves in.

Name Badge Printing

Print personalised name badges that serve as icebreakers automatically at your events. Create a comfortable networking atmosphere for your attendees.

GEVME Wallet

Let your attendees manage their own registration details so you get the latest updates on how to reach them.

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