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" We train Ordinary People to become an extraordinary Web Developers. "

Get the most out of your education whether you are a fresh grad or a professional developer. We provide the best quality Drupal Training services provide an immersive, hands-on, and fun learning environment.

Why Learn Drupal?

From Tesla Motors to the White House, hundreds of organizations use and love Drupal. A leading open source content management system, Drupal boasts numerous benefits: cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability are unsurpassed by proprietary software solutions. With over 25,000 contributed modules to choose from and an active community of over 30,000 developers, learning Drupal is a smart and money-saving move.

Train with Experts

Global Connect Asia (Myanmar) is the premier Drupal training center in Yangon, with nearly a decade of expertise. Our expert developers travel around the world conducting public and private training services to clients and the community at large.

How Does it Work?

Receive a list of free, open source tools to install on your computers prior to training. Make sure to bring your laptop, since you'll want to follow along with both the instructor and a provided course handbook. Courses are happening at the weekend classrooms and the duration of a course can take about 2 and a half months.

For many of our clients we travel on-site to facilities for the training, but we also offer trainings at our office with fully equipped desktops, laptops and TV and also fiber internet lines. We also create custom curriculums for organization's using Drupal specific to their Drupal website.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to CMS & Drupal
  • Content & Node Architecture of Drupal
  • Architecture of Taxonomy
  • Blocks & Menu System
  • Responsive Theming with Sass & Compass
  • Users Management & Permissions
  • Introduction to Modules
  • Powerful Contributed Modules & Community
  • CMS Configuration & Reporting

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IT Outsourcing

Information Technology has become an integral part of businesses these days. IT integrates latest technology in your business to innovate solutions that aid in the development and success of your business. IT outsourcing has thus become a trend among businesses in the competitive world of today. It is not only cost effective but also offers professional services and solutions that ease the working of your business and also contribute to the effective management of your company.

Since IT outsourcing has become a big thing in today’s world and choosing the right company to outsource your business needs thus becomes difficult for businesses, both small as well as the established ones.

In order to find the best IT outsourcing companies across the country that offer professional services, here you go - you are now at the right place!

Global Connect Asia (Myanmar) is one of the most reputed and reliable firms when it comes to IT outsourcing, professional IT services and support. This company has immense expertise and experience of integrating technology for the well-being of your business. The company has its own dedicated team of experts who analyze your business and IT needs and thus provide for solutions accordingly.

A major advantage of working with Global Connect Asia (Myanmar) is its cost effectiveness of services, solutions and consulting that can make a difference to your organization/company. It offers services to the industries of healthcare, content and publishing, online learning, law and compliance, etc.

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